Lucia Vambe is Advancing Clinical Practice Lead, Essex Partnership University NHS Trust, Essex, United Kingdom.   She was born in Zimbabwe and came to the UK over 25 years ago where she obtained professional qualifications in Mental Health Nursing as well as Education and Training. She has been working for NHS for over 18 years and she currently leads on Trust-wide implementation of clinical practice improvement programmes including mandatory clinical risk training, suicide prevention training and clinical policies. 

Lucia is the founder and CEO of ZLP.

Nicola Armstrong is Nurse Consultant for Patient Safety, Essex Partnership University NHS Trust, Essex, United Kingdom. She is a senior mental health nurse. She has worked in clinical roles in mental health and learning disabilities and has experience of health commissioning for child mental health services and learning disabilities. She is a qualified lecturer having worked in postgraduate education, and is currently conducting research into dementia.

Nicola is the deputy CEO of ZLP.

Muriel Gutu is an Independent Nurse Prescriber in substance misuse currently working as a locum nurse with Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Trust. She is an Associate Lecturer with Anglia Ruskin University and also Specialist Advisor with CQC. Muriel holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master’s in Public Health and has specialist knowledge in substance misuse. Muriel is a Board member for HOPE world-wide charity with focus on drug and alcohol recovery.  

Muriel is one of the group’s project managers.

Catriona King is Associate Director for Risk and Compliance in Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust, Essex, United Kingdom. She is a registered mental health nurse with over 30 years’ experience working in the NHS. She has a degree in forensic studies with a background of working with mentally disordered offenders in an inpatient and community setting and in the judicial system.

Catriona will be advising on management programmes and learning lessons from incidents within an organisation. She is one of the group’s project managers

Obi McKay is Associate Director Mental Health Older Adult Inpatient service in Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust, Essex, United Kingdom. She is an RGN, with a BSC & MSC in Public Health. Obi began her clinical experience as a registered nurse in the operating theatre, and later specialised in School Nursing. Over the years Obi has held a number of leadership roles within West Essex Community Health Services – Integrated Children’s, Team lead and Practice Teacher.

Obi will be advising on good leadership qualities and management programmes. She is one of the group’s project managers.

Okon Umoh is a Consultant Psychiatrist working in the community services for Essex Partnership University Trust. He joined the NHS as a junior doctor in 1997. After a year in acute medicine he specialised in psychiatry. He is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. He has worked as a consultant for 12 years. His clinical areas of interest include treatment-resistant depression and psychosis. He is involved in postgraduate medical education.  He has a special interest in medical law and ethics. 

Umoh will be advising on antipsychotic medication and treatment of mental health illnesses

Jane Fisher is an Advanced Clinical Practice Lead for Falls and works at Essex Partnership University Trust.  She is a Senior Physiotherapist and has worked in clinical roles in: Neurology, Orthopaedics and Care of the elderly/ Dementia. She currently works with nursing teams, doctors and therapists to reduce inpatient falls on mental health wards.

Jane will be advising on Dementia Care and Falls. She is gathering walking aids / equipment for the coming trip to Zimbabwe.

Lars Davidsson:  MRCPsych, MEWI is a Consultant Psychiatrist with Essex Partnership Foundation Trust. He is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists as well as the Expert Witness Institute. He was born and educated in Sweden where he among other things was an assistant Medical Director at the University Hospital of Lund. He has lived and worked in the UK since 2001. He is also the founder and director of The Angloeuropeanclinic Ltd and an accredited mediator (LSM).

Lars will be advising on the management of Substance Misuse Programme. He is one of the group’s fund raisers.

Dee Johnson MBACP Snr Accred. She is a Senior Accredited Counsellor / Psychotherapist with the British BACP authority, a Professional Accredited Counsellor / Psychotherapist with the National Counselling Society and BACP Certificate of Proficiency, and has a Practitioner Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, is an Accredited Supervisor of Therapeutic Practice and is an EMDR Trauma Therapist. Addiction Specialist in a private Mental Health Hospital / Rehabilitation unit. Trainer for Mental Health Agencies, specialising in Addiction, depression, Safe and Ethical Practice, Eating Disorders and Anxiety.

Dee advises on Reflective Practice and also on the management of Substance Misuse Programme.

Tendayi Musundire is the head of Safeguarding in Essex Partnership University Trust. He is a Mental Health Nurse, Best Interest Assessor and has vast experience in a variety of mental health settings.

Tendayi gives advise on Safeguards and on the Caring for Vulnerable Patient.

Julia Asher is a retired mental health nurse formally working for Essex University Partnership NHS Trust in the UK. She has worked in secure services for nearly 20 years with experience of developing pre-discharge and rehab services as a ward manager. Last post prior to retirement was a clinical lead with the Trust compliance team working with audit, policies, development and practice development. She has a BSc (HONS) degree Specialist Nursing Practice (Mental Health).  

Julia assists project managers advising on the Improvement of Quality of Patient Care.

Rosett Sibona-Moyo is a Student Education Facilitator / Mental Health Specialist in Essex Partnership University NHS Trust. She supports students, Mentors and Educators in practice and signs off Mental Health final year students to enter into the NMC register. She has worked in roles of management in Adult acute and older people services, also as Site Officer working with the Police to assess patients who have been detained under Section 136 of Mental Health Act. She also teaches Mental Health awareness to Prison Officers.

She will be advising on Nursing Student Education.

Jane Cheeseman (Dip HE, RMN) is the Head of Compliance for Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust and has worked in the NHS for over 30 years. Jane has clinical experience as a Registered Mental Health Nurse working in Acute Admission wards and extensive experience in clinical risk management, suicide prevention and investigation skills training. More recently Jane has been carrying out quality improvement work, ensuring the implementation of Care Quality Commission Fundamental Standards and engendering change in clinicians practice making sure that care delivery is evidence based/best practice.

She will be advising on Improving the Quality of Patient Care, sharing her experiences of Auditing and Implementing Change. Jane is the group’s Deputy Secretary.

Ian McKay is an Assistant Director in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services in Newham, east London and has managed a range of children, young people and community health services in the area since 2002.  He has worked in the NHS since 1981.

Ian is the group’s Assistant Communication and IT officer. He will be sharing his experience on working in the NHS and with Mental Health Commissions.

Virginia Kambasha: BSc Mental Health Nursing, MSc in Leadership & Management,  is a Registered Hospital Manager with 17yrs experience of working in the private sector.  She has worked in various settings including Forensic, Acute and Rehabilitation. Virginia has experience in commissioning new services, mental health assessor and an iIndependent assessor commissioned by CCG to monitor their (funded) Placements in Private Organisations, CQC and Quality Standards and Delivering relevant Training across the sites. 

Virginia will be advising on clinical risk management. She is one of the group’s fund raisers.

Sam Nyakunengwa is a Modern Matron in East London NHS Foundation Trust.  He has worked in medium secure care, Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit and has extensive experience working in low secure rehab, admission and assessment unit and acute mental health inpatient units. He is a Registered Mental Health Nurse, a qualified NVQ assessor and has a BA (hons) in International Business.

Sam will be advising on the management of violence and aggression. He is one of the group’s Hospitality Officers.

Charity Zembe is an Independent Adult Social Care Social Worker (BSc (Hons) Social Work) and Best Interest Assessor (BIA) working with Essex County Council.  Charity has vast social care experience of working with children and families,  various adult teams of vulnerable people with Mental Health issues, Learning Disabilities, Physical Impairment, Dementia, Safeguarding issues, Continuing Health Care (CHC), Mental Capacity Assessment, Deprivation of Liberty (Dols) assessments.

Charity will be advising on social care provisions. She is the group’s Treasurer.

Stanley Vambe is a Care Coordinator, Essex Partnership University NHS Trust, Essex, United Kingdom. He works in Early Intervention in Psychosis as a community mental health nurse. He specialises in the assessment and provision of treatment in early psychosis, which entails psycho-education and coping strategies for psychosis. Stanley has also trained as a phlebotomist and has qualifications in Brief Family Therapy.
He will be advising on recognising symptoms of early psychosis and cultural conflicts.

Pamela Muhera BSc Mental Health Practice. Ward Manager for Adult Acute Meantl Health Inpatient Services and Manager for ECT Clinic.  She has worked in adult acute mental health services and low secure mental health services for over 16 years.  Pamela will be advising on the improvement of patient experience and care.

Brian Mashumba RGN/RMN, BSc Nursing, MSc.  International development and Project Management. Best Interest Assessor. 

Brian will be advising on the Management of Violence and Aggression. He is one of the group’s fund raisers.

Doreen Karemba. Bsc (Hons) degree Occupational Therapy. Senior independent occupational therapist with experience in mental health, physical health and paediatrics. Currently working with adults with Dementia in a hospital ward to facilitate safe, timely and complex hospital discharges with appropriate equipment as required.

Doreen will be advising on the OT’s input in a health setting. She is one of the group’s Hospitality Officers.

Louise Mweta is a Mental Health Nurse working for Essex Partnership University Trust. She curretly manages the Hospital Liaison team.

Lousie will be advising on learning from current practice. She is the group’s Secretary.

Glyns Zembe has a Dip HE in Mental Health Studies.  Mental Health trained with knowledge and skills in working with people living in secure units, personality disorders, acute, elderly mental health, psychiatric intensive care unit (PICU) and forensic. He has skills in Best Interest Assessor and Mentorship. Glyns will be advising on the Management of Violence and Aggression.

Ben Kambasha: is specilaised in learning disabilties and autism. He is Mental Health level 3 trained currenttly working with Essex County Council.

Ben will be advising on the caring for people with Learning Difficulties and challenging behaviour. He is one of the group’s fund raisers

Oliver Hwindingwi HND Nursing Studies MH, HND Computer Studies, RMN BSc Nursing. A1 Assessor. He is a Community Mental Health Triage Specialist with Ambulance Services in Leeds and Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

Oliver will be advising on the management of addicts in the community. He is one of the group’s project managers.

Gareth Fisher: BEng (Hons), Gareth is working as a Product Manager in the financial technology sector.

Gareth is the group’s Communication and IT Lead.