November 2020 – Donations Shipped

ZLP members prepared the latest shipment of donations heading for Zimbabwe.

A variety of supporters contributed to bring together a list of items including…

  • 18 emergency bags for life saving equipment
  • 300 + catheter tubes
  • Over 100 injection and insulin syringes
  • Oxygen tubes
  • Over 100 blood tests needles
  • 8 big and small clinic waste bins
  • Over 100 brand new unisex T – shirts varies sizes for adults
  • Medical books
  • Oxygen masks
  • Feeding tubes
  • Walking aids
  • Various items for use in theatre
  • 4 Boxes of safety scalp vein sets
  • Gloves
  • Masks

And more!

A big thanks to all the volunteers and supporters!

Blood Pressure Monitor Donation in Zimbabwe

Blood pressure monitors that were recently donated by ZLP were gratefully received by all recipients in Zimbabwe. This generous donation of arm and wrist blood pressure monitors was from a private individual, Phil Ross from Essex, UK and ZLP funded the shipping to Zimbabwe and safe delivery of the monitors.

Some monitors were given to the Ministry of Health for distribution to remote areas and others were delivered directly to several hospitals. Among the recipients were Harare Psychiatric hospital, Ingutsheni hospital in Bulawayo, Ngomahuru Hospital in Masvingo and Chikurubi Prison in Harare. Ngomahuru sincerely thanked all ZLP members for the contribution and Chikurubi said the donation would ‘go a long way in the smooth running of our institution’ praising ZLP for showing social responsibility.

Donations 2019

Sorting donations in Harare

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Donations are an important part of the project’s work. Medical equipment, pre-owned or purchased with donation money are put straight to use in the hospitals.

This year we donated equipment worth in excess of £20,000.

If you would like to support our project with donations you can use the donate page.